Get more views and conversions

Embedded contests, giveaways and other campaigns get more views than stand-alone landing pages and let you bypass web-development hurdles (saving time and money).

Embed anywhere

Website: Embed your campaigns to any website with HTML access.

Squarespace: Add galleries, special offers, and landing pages to your site.

Shopify: Promote products, run contests or offer coupons right from your ecommerce platform.

Tumblr: Display your Instagram feed, videos, music and more.

Display your campaign as a popup

Popup campaigns take up zero space and display instantly when anyone clicks the campaign’s text link, image or button. Use popups to keep visitors more engaged.

Embedding is as easy as copy and paste

To embed a campaign simply copy the ShortStack-provided code into any webpage that accepts an iFrame, including WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify and Tumblr.

Contest views

On average, multichannel campaigns received 83% more views than campaigns published just to Facebook.

  • Average Multichannel Views

  • Average Facebook Views

Increase exposure and access to your campaigns

Embedding is a simple step you can take to give your contests, giveaways and other campaigns maximum exposure. By embedding you’re able to use all of your marketing channels — including your website, blog and e-commerce platform — and aren’t limited to social networks’ followers, or regulations.

Contest Entries

Multichannel Campaigns received 31% more entries than Facebook-only Campaigns.

  • Average Multichannel Entries

  • Average Facebook Entries

Embedded campaign example

Go ahead, test it out.
Multi-Day Giveaway Calendar campaigns by Bradham-Little

Customer Success Story

Take a peek at how 23 City Blocks Hospitality Group leveraged their embedded contest to collect tons of leads.

Multi-Day Giveaway Calendar campaigns by Bradham-Little